Event 002-A – Night Of The Raven

On Monday October 31st 2022 the Sabre Raven Owners Club held an event at the INS Jericho Station outside of MIC-L1. As the event took place on Halloween, we felt it was only fitting that we donned the most creepy costumes we could. The club leadership provided the White RSI Zeus exploration undersuit and Fieldsbury Dark Bear helmets to all members that needed them.

The club then formed up on one of the struts of INS Jericho station where we demonstrated our precision parking skills, and performed some EVA activity as we awaited the incoming pirate raid.

Parking in straight lines may not seem difficult, but it’s truly an underrated and underappreciated skill.

As the evening progressed, we commenced with the attack on Jericho. Members of The Red Legion and the Rag Tag Mercs formed a pirate fleet that set out to assault the INS Jericho. It was up to the Sabre Raven club to defend the station and eliminate the pirate threat.

Thanks to member Lundske who was able to put together this awesome highlight video from the event.

A full list of media and discussion from Event 002-A, Night Of The Raven can be found on our discord server under the events archive.

Night of the Raven Attendees:

  • Aethelfrid
  • Berts25
  • Devar
  • ElfinSpartan
  • HisDivineShadow
  • Kwisatz03
  • lundske
  • madfleabag
  • minestealth
  • QuintilianA
  • Raven Nottdis
  • RedMonsterSC
  • RSW
  • Seansemperfi
  • Stealth_Drive
  • sharkinspace
  • stowyo
  • toaster
  • Victor_Hermez
  • Wymoran
Image Credit to TR1GGERSW1TCH. Getting into character.
Image Credit to RedMonsterSC. The crew assembled in creepy style.
Image Credit to TR1GGERSW1TCH. Lining up members to park.
Image Credit to Berts_25. Getting the birds inline.
Image Credit to RedMonsterSC. We can also stand in formation too!
Image Credit to Berts_25. Sinister
Image Credit to QuintilianA. Precision Parking.
Image Credit to QuintilianA. All systems online, ready to scare.

Image Credit to Aethelfrid. The pirate fleet arrives.